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Caring for Well-Balanced Hair

Well-balanced hair is usually medium density/medium textured hair that does not feel coarse or brittle to the touch and usually takes around 2-3 days to generate natural oil from the scalp. The cuticle is typically healthy meaning it has a hint of natural shine without being overly glossy.

Cleansing and conditioning hair

For optimal results shampoo your hair twice – once to remove dirt, product and/or oil and the other to fully cleanse your hair.  How often you wash your hair will depend on how long it takes for your hair to lose it’s natural shine and your use of styling products – cleansing every second or third day is standard.

The products you should look out for are those that state they are for ‘normal’ hair, or products that offer light nourishment and care. When conditioning hair apply only to the ends and leave in for around 2 minutes.

Hair treatments

Hair treatments vary in strength so this will affect how often you should apply them – for normal hair, treatments are not a necessity, but if you feel your hair is drying slightly you can get an in-salon treatment, which should see you sorted for about 3 months.  Alternatively you could opt for a home treatment that specializes in nourishment however home treatments aren’t as concentrated as in-salon ones so you will need to apply it more often – once every two weeks should do the trick.

Hot tool tips

  • Use a heat/thermal protector spray or cream at all times when styling hair with hot tools – blow dryers, straightening irons and tongs etc.  If you don’t have a heat protector use something with nourishing properties, like an Argan based hair oil, to help prevent your hair from drying out.
  • If using hot tools with temperature control options select a middle-line setting. For normal hair this should be around 175 degrees.

Additional tips for well-balanced hair

  • Natural hair should be trimmed at least once every 3 months to get rid of split ends and keep it healthy, if you have a shorter style it will need to be done at least every 8 weeks.
  • Wearing hair ties can cause the hair to break due to the tension around the hair tie, especially if your hair is wet – try and avoid hair ties and replace them with bobby pins where possible.
  • When your hair is wet use a comb, as a brush can be too harsh and cause hair breakage; when hair is dry you can use your brush on it, this helps to stimulate the scalp and encourage new hair growth.