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Ponytails Made Easy

If you’ve ever struggled to achieve a smoother than smooth ponytail or continually have issues with hair knotting or slipping out of your hair tie – then it’s time you knew about the incredible HAIR BUNGEE.

This fantastic little apparatus, made from silicone (our fav) or elastic, with it’s hooked ends has revolutionized the way we put hair up. Quick and easy to put in, these make sure every ponytail is a success, whether smooth or messy or the base for a hair-up; plus taking them out is just as quick and easy – no pulling or breakage – function and care in one!!

Even us professionals can be undone trying to keep a smooth pony together when putting on a hair tie. The hair bungee however can be put on with one hand, while still keeping hold of your ponytail with the other. Simply place a hook into the side of your ponytail, between your ‘holding’ hand and ponytail base, and wrap around your ponytail until firm then attach second hook into hair and your done.

Available in blonde, brown, black and bright colours at www.hairbungee.com