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Opulent Eyes using Elizabeth Arden

Try our opulent eye look for your next night out on the town!

This look showcases the stunning new Elizabeth Arden  S/S 15-16 Limited Edition eye makeup.

Products used:

*Try this colour combo with other brands if you missed out on getting this fab  limited edition range.

Follow these easy steps to get the look…


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Step 1. Start with eye primer or concealer on lids.

Step 2. Apply the highlight (lightest) shade from the Elizabeth Arden Golden Opulence Quad over the entire lid, up to the brow.

Step 3. Then apply the gold shade from the Golden Opulence Quad around the inner eye area, taking it up into the corner of the inner brow, then over the lid blending it off at the outer iris.

Step 4. Next apply the Golden Opulence Quad green hue along the eye crease then create an outer ‘V’ shape to elongate the outer eye corners.

Step 5. Add a Smokey line from the inner eye corner and along the bottom lash line to mid eye using the Golden Opulence Quad deep brown shade.

Step 6. Finish the outer half of your Smokey under eye line reusing the green hue.  Be sure to join it up with your upper outer corner accent for perfect eye symmetry.

Step 7. Add a little more opulence to the lower lash area by applying a dash of gold shadow to the middle of the line.

Step 8. Now create a retro style eyeliner look, one that flatters your personal eye shape, using the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour High Intensity Liquid Eye Liner.

Step 9. Finish the look off by curling your lashes and applying your favourite lash building mascara.


  • Layer your eye shadow to build intensity.
  • To blend the outer line of your accent colour (eye crease shade) go over it lightly with your base colour (lightest shade) brush.
  • For ‘cleaner’ results always use a different brush for each eye shadow colour and make sure the size of your brush is in keeping with the size of the area you wish to make up.

*Creative Eyes by Makeover Masters / Makeup: Lisa Matson

Eye Model: Brittany Nelson