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Know Your Body Shape

Make shopping and dressing yourself easier and fun.

Knowing the shape of your body and which clothes – cut and fabric – will flatter you most is essential if you wish to look effortlessly chic.

The majority of women tend to resemble (or come close to) one of five body shapes – rectangle (ruler), round (apple), triangle (pear), inverted triangle and hourglass  – once you determine what yours is, you can use our ‘fashion tips for body shapes’ posts (links provided) to guide you through your next fashion purchase with confidence.

Your shape is…

Also referred to as a “boyish body” commonly associated with models and athletes, this body shape has fewer defined curves; the hips, thighs and waist area are slender plus bottoms and busts tend to be on the smaller side.  Any extra weight tends to distribute itself evenly and not in any one specific area.
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Round: Typically a round (or apple) body shape lacks a defined waist-line, often carrying extra weight around the tummy and hips, and can alternate between a smaller or fuller bust area.  Legs and arms are usually slimmer in proportion to the torso region.
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Triangle:  Also referred to as pear shaped, this body type is characterised by having a smaller upper body – small bust, arms and waist – and a fuller lower half.   Any weight gain will typically distribute itself between the hips, bottom and thighs.
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Inverted Triangle: Is just the aforementioned in reverse – you have a small waist hips and legs, but you’ve a larger bust and/or are wider in back and shoulders.
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Hourglass: Considered the ultimate body shape for the women, the hourglass figure is shapely, defined by curvier hips and bust with a smaller defined waist area.  Extra weight will tend to show up in both the bust and hip area.
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**If you think you have elements of a couple of body shapes, then choose the one that is most predominant to your figure.