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Television favourite, mum of one (soon to be two) and all round good sort, Toni Street gives Makeover Masters a little insight into her beauty world. Q. Even when your not getting styled for TV, you always look very polished, how much time do you spend doing your own hair and makeup? A. It varies.  On my 'relaxed' days I'll probably spend 10-20mins on hair and makeup and if I'm going out 40-60mins. Q. Do you have a favourite 'look'? A. Loose tousled curls with heaps of volume and smokey eyes. Q.  You can't go wrong with a smokey eye makeup and…


Beauty Exposé

Nadine & Makeover Masters talk beauty... TVNZ presenter Nadine, is usually recognised by her straight bobbed, no nonsense corporate look, she sports when at work, presenting at TVNZ.  However looks can be deceiving and as you can see from our Celebrity Beauty Exposé - exploring natural beauty and the alter ego (fantasy selves) - you can never truly presume to know someone from 1st appearances, as people and beauty have many faces. Find out what Nadine has to say about her look... Q. You're our first Makeover Masters Celebrity to partake in our Beauty Exposé.  Looking at these two images,…



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