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How to Wear White

Most women love the idea of wearing white and a few (possibly those without young children) will brave head-to-toe ensembles and why not, apart from the keeping it clean factor, it’s easy to wear and accessorise, it’s flattering against the skin, it looks affluent, elegant and youthful no matter whether your wearing it in casual denim or evening silk and like the colour it subconsciously lightens and brightens your mood.

So to ensure your white style, especially if you decide to go head-to-toe, is on point keep to these simple guidelines …

1. Wear skin-toned underwear – visible briefs and bras can look a little tacky.

2. Check fabric transparency – before you buy a soft fabric garment place a hand behind the fabric and hold it up to the light to determine how see-through it is. If it’s not in your comfort zone you can then make an informed decision about under garment options.

3. Select flattering or appropriate fabrics – white can be very unforgiving if it figure hugging, so if your not as toned as you’d like opt for denser less opaque fabrics.  The latter is also a more professional option for the workplace.

4. Try different textures – keep the look sophisticated and interesting by mixing textures such as denim with wool, cotton or linen or silk with lace, chiffon or satin.

5. Stick to the same white undertones – a white garment with a cool undertone worn with a white garment with a warm undertone (cream) can make the latter look dirty, so aim to keep tones similar.

6. Pair with neutrals – keep the integrity of wearing white intact by pairing it with neutral shoes, bags and belts such as tan, nudes, pastel grey or metallics in silver or gold.  Of course black or brights are also great options if you want to make more of a statement.

7. Play with accessories – white gives you the perfect blank canvas to showcase your favourite accessories and/or help create your ‘look’ be it feminine, boho, casual or glam.

8. Think about your hair and makeup – wearing white draws attention to your overall appearance, especially your hair and makeup, so even if you decide on a very simple beauty look make sure it is polished and complimentary to the image your trying to evoke.  Check out our range of tutorials for ideas.

9. Keep your whites pristine – avoid beauty regimes that may cause discolouration, like spraying perfume directly onto your clothes and/or applying fake tan without waiting a good 24-48hrs for it to ‘set’.  Also if you have a garment that needs to be put on over your head wear a change scarf to cover your makeup or dress first, cover up with a robe, then do your makeup.  Last but not least make cleaning product like Napisan and/or Sards Wonder Soap your new best friend.