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HAIR INSPO: Creative Knots

Try this fab, fun style the next time you want fashion forward hair in a hurry.

Simple, versatile and ideal for shoulder length hair, this look will impress day or night. The messier the better.

Get the Look

Step 1. Apply hair powder or a beach spray through dry hair to give it grip and texture.

Step 2. Make a side (or middle) part then backcomb hair at the crown to give it height – think subtle Bridget Bardot.  Lightly brush hair to smooth out top layer particularly around the backcombing.

Step 3.  Now, using your thumbs, section hair from ears to mid head bringing the sides back as you go.  Then split hair length in two and firmly tie into a double knot, like you would shoe laces, close to the scalp.  Pin knot securely into place then finger tease the left over hair lengths and pin loosely around the knot.

Step 4. Now take a second section of hair from mid ear and repeat step 3 this time leaving the left over hair lengths free.

Step 5.  Finally gather together the hair remaining at the nape with the hair lengths above.  Again split the hair in two and loosely knot the hair all the way down to the tips then tie hair off with elastic.

Step 6.  To finish simply finger tease any long loose ends and/or lightly pull knots for a messier look before spraying into place.

*This style would also work well with mid length hair.  Leave the last section long for a grungy ponytail look or twist it up into a bun at the nape for a stylish hair up.

*Hair by: Lisa Matson

Hair Model: Emma Triggs