When big results are called for… just add a little powder.

Hair powders are a brilliant way to achieve incredible volume and/or stylish texture instantly.  These shaker bottles contain a white powder that looks a little like baking soda and feels slightly tacky to the touch; the magic ingredient in each…silica silicate.

Only a small amount is required to get effective results, sprinkle through the roots of the hair, for volume, or the lengths for texture and added thickness.  Rub with your fingers to activate (and reactivate when needed) then shape it into the style you desire. Hair powder is great for enhancing fashionable messy or ethereal dos, plaits, ponytails and hair ups.

The other bonus to using hair powders is they absorb oil, so you may be able to miss a wash day, or two, which can make a messy style look even better.

Ironically too much product can make hair look overly dull and dirty.
Also dark hair can look ashy, due to the whiteness of the powder, and if shiny silky hair is your goal then the matte slightly gritty texture your left with, maybe a deal breaker.

If you decide to invest in a hair powder just remember less is more.  The amount of holes in the container may determine how it’s applied – a one hole container may require a light squeeze, a few holes a shake and multiply holes a few taps only – practice on the back of your hand first.

Our Picks…

  1. Schwarzkopf ProfessionalOsis+ Wax Dust RRP $29.40
  2. MatrixDesign Pulse Mega Dust RRP $21
  3. L’Oréal ProfessionnelTechni Art Super Dust RRP $34
  4. Kevin MurphyPowder Puff Volumising Powder RRP $48
  5. RedkenPowder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder RRP $33
  6. Tigi Bead HeadSugar Dust RRP $24.13

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