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Find Your Foundation Colour

Undoubtedly the number one makeup product that still meets with different degrees of uncertainty is foundation; particularly when it comes to selecting the right colour. Unfortunately not all in-store advisers are experienced enough or trained efficiently to ‘colour match’ you correctly; so give it a go yourself.

Here’s how you can find your foundation ‘soul mate’…

Foundation colour should always be tested on your face.   Use the back of your hand to test texture and finish only.

  • Apply foundation in a sheer stripe (as you would naturally wear it all over your face) through the jaw line and not in a thick glob. The thicker the foundation the darker it will look and it’s the reason why so many women end up with foundation that is too light for them once they get it home.
  • If you are unsure which shade to pick out of a wide selection, try the one you think it is plus the colours on either side of it (one lighter & one darker).
  • Apply each shade (light to dark) side by side (as mentioned above) and select the one that seemingly disappears into your skin tone.
  • However if your body is darker than your face, select the colour that is closest to your dècolletage shade and remember to apply product down your neck, so your overall colour looks balanced.
  • It is also a good rule of thumb to wait two to five minutes for the foundation to settle, sometimes the colour can change, depending on the foundation and/or your skin type, often appearing a lot darker than when you first applied it.
  • Test or view results in natural daylight (if you’re able to) for a more honest result.