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Fashion Tips for a Round Body

With a round (apple) body shape your goal is to create the illusion of a smaller mid-section or disguise any extra weight you’re carrying around your tummy.   If you have  great legs then draw attention to them and ensure your bust / hip ratio looks balanced.  Shapewear is a must for this body type. Look for options that will help give definition to your waist and smooth your bodyline.

Here are our tips for dressing to your shape:


Opt for…

  • Tops with a V, U or scoop neckline.
  • Tops with an empire waist (sits just below the bust) and a soft draping lower half.
  • Loose cut cross over top/shirt in a soft draping fabric. One with a shorter front and longer back is particularly flattering.
  • Tunic tops, mid hip length, are great but if you’ve extra weight in the bottom go for a cut that finishes a few inches below your bottom.
  • Shirts that nip in high on the waist and them skim away around the stomach.  If wearing a shirt out make sure it has a curved hem.
  • Long overcoat or cardigan worn open.
  • Single buttoned tailored jackets – mid hip in length.
  • Cape jackets, hip length. Longer lengths are ok if you’re tall.


Opt for…

  • Straight legged pants / jeans / leggings with or without a slight boot cut and a mid-rise and/or flat panelled waist (pregnancy jeans can be a great option for this body shape if proportions are particularly unbalanced).
  • Wide legged pants if you’re fuller in the thighs and tall.
  • Skirt lengths that sit on the knee, or just above, or minis if your ‘pins’ are amazing.
  • Draping A-line skirts.
  • Straight skirts or pencil cuts, if hips and legs are leaner.
  • Waist high tailored shorts, mid thigh length or just above with or without a cuff.


Opt for…

  • A-line dresses in a block colour
  • Tunic dresses
  • Empire line dresses
  • Wrap or crossover dresses

NB: As with skirts go for lengths on or just above the knee or shorter – the better the legs the shorter you can go.

Colours and prints

Opt for…

  • Deep shades in black, navy, chocolate browns, grey or aubergine for example to create a slimmer silhouette.
  • Darker pants with light or bright tops
  • Block colours.
  • Monochrome – i.e. a dress with a black empire line top and white skirt or one with black sides and a white panel front.
  • Subtle patterns and prints.  In regard to separates, if you don’t wish to draw attention to your upper body then favour patterned bottoms with a plain top or vice-versa.
  • Vertical stripes.


Opt for…

  • Lightweight fabrics, with a soft drape that skims your curves such as cotton, viscose and wool or silk blends. Nothing too bulky or clingy.
  • Matte fabrics – ignore overly shiny material.
  • Opaque fabrics over sheer or thin ones.


Opt for…

  • Statement jewellery or shoes to direct eyes away from the middle of your body.
  • Long length necklaces – gives the illusion of length through the torso.
  • Pumps, wedges and knee length boots.
  • Belts – thin if you’re short in the torso, wide if you’re long – to give the illusion of a more shapely waist.

Celebrities with Round Body Shapes

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Jennifer Hudson