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Eye Shadow Smarts

Getting your eye shadow home and finding it looks nothing like the advertising images and/or the colour of the palette itself can be more than a little frustrating.  While it can be the quality of the product, (which by the way doesn’t necessarily denote price or brand),  it’s more often than not the way it’s been applied.

Here are the essential points to getting the most out of your eye shadow…

1)  Pigment intensity:  the stronger the pigment (colour intensity) the better the quality and the results. Next time you’re searching for that coveted colour, take time to sample and compare the product before you buy it.  Simply apply a little foundation or concealer to the back of your hand (if possible) and daub the eye shadow on top (see image on right above); a high quality eye shadow should transfer colour intensity, similar to what you see in the palette, with just a few daubs. Anything less should be shelved.

2)  Prime first: before applying your eye shadow prime eyes with a light coating of cream concealer or an eyelid primer.  Not only will you get more intensity out of your eye shadow, it will wear longer.

3)  Brushes: eye shadow brushes are a must for fast accurate application and a beautiful blended finish. The little applicator sponges that typically come with your eye shadow can often hinder your eye makeup look and finish, unless you are suitably skilled at applying makeup.  Select brush sizes and shapes to suit/match the area size you wish to colour.

4)  Application:  if you want soft colour then use a sweeping motion when applying; if you want intense/strong colour, then the trick is to daub (pat) the colour on, building it up in layers until you reach your desired intensity.