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Doe Eyes with L’Oréal Paris

If you covet nude eyes or want a look to compliment a boho, beach or casual outfit then try our ‘Doe Eyes’!

To create this look we used a must-have eye shadow palette, mascara and gel eyeliner from L’Oréal Paris.

Products used:

  • Colour Riche La Palette Nude in Beige (in NZ stores Feb 2016)
  • False Lash Superstar Mascara (in NZ stores Feb 2016)
  • Superliner Gel Intenza (optional)

Follow these easy steps to get the look…


(Click on image to enlarge)

Step 1. Start with eye primer or concealer on lids.

Step 2. Apply the highlight shade #1 from the Colour Riche La Palette Nude in Beige over the entire lid, up to the brow.

Step 3. Then apply shade #3 over the lid blending it above the eye crease to outer corners.

Step 4. Next using the same shade and a smaller brush (Lisa used the palette brush) colour along the lower lash line joining it with your top lid application at outer corners.

Step 5. Now you’re going create a more rounded eye look by building depth along and above the eye crease using shade #7.  Start by taking the colour up towards the brow, in a curved shape, before tapering it down to the outer corner.

Step 6. Take an eyeliner brush and dip it into a little water (you want it damp not wet) then mix it with shade #9 to create an deep brown eye shadow liner.  Apply it along the roots of your bottom lashes.

Step 7. Repeat step 6 and ‘tight-line’ your top lash line.

Step 8. Finish your doe eyes off with the False Lash Superstar mascara. Use the white primer end first to create thicker, longer looking lashes, then apply the mascara end for blacker than black doe like lashes.

Step 9. If you want an edgier look to your doe eyes just add a black eyeliner (we prefer a gel formula for longer wear) to your waterline – top and bottom.


  • If you find you can’t get enough depth through your eye crease, no mater how many layers you apply, opt for a darker shade of eye shadow.
  • When using water to create an eye shadow liner be aware that it can make matte eye shadow a little flaky, so either apply your foundation after your eye makeup or apply tissue or loose translucide power under your eyes to catch any fallout.
  • Apply your primer and mascara in a zig-zag motion from roots to tips.

*Creative Eyes by Makeover Masters / Makeup: Lisa Matson

Eye Model: Brittany Nelson