Say goodbye to spots…

To minimize the appearance of pimples, acne and/or sun spots start by purchasing a long wear concealer* in a shade that matches your foundation or skin tone exactly (or as close to).

*Our gallery showcases some of our favourite ‘spot’ concealers.

Tip: If you find your concealer is either too light or too dark, mix a little with your foundation to help balance out the colour.

Once you’ve found your ‘colour match’ all that’s left is to apply it correctly…


Start by applying concealer directly to your problem area using a concealer brush, lip brush or cotton-bud (larger blemishes/areas can be covered using a foundation brush).

Tip: If you’ve applied too much concealer, use your ring finger in a pat and roll motion to remove excess product.

Daub on in layers until the blemish is completely hidden or you are happy with the coverage. The trick is to cover each blemish individually (unless they’re tightly grouped) to avoid having a base that looks ‘caked on’.

Tip:  If your spot is particularly inflamed mix a little ‘anti-redness’ CC Cream with your concealer to help ‘cool’ the colour down.

NB:  Concealer can be applied under or over foundation.   Personally we prefer it over – you tend to use less product and it’s easier to control application and blending results.


Being careful to avoid brushing over the covered blemish itself, blend away the concealer edge until it seemly fades away into your skin/foundation – there should be no visible start or finish point.

Tip: Before blending the outer edges wipe the product off your existing brush or use a clean brush (or cotton bud) instead.


To finish, set concealer with a very light dusting of translucent or BB powder, this help give your concealer extra longevity and the soft matt finish will draw less attention to the covered area.

Spot Tip: To help the healing process, daub a little lavender oil (known for its anti bacterial properties), or any other spot treatment, on to your spot and allow time to dry before you apply your concealer.


Thin Lizzy Concealer – RRP $29.95
NARS Concealer – RRP $38
MAC PRO Longwear Concealer – RRP $40
Clinique Even Better Concealer – RRP $43
Estee Lauder Double Wear Flawless Wear Concealer – RRP $55
Bobbi Brown Concealer – RRP $57

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