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Caring for Dry Hair

Dry hair is often related to people with thick coarse hair. Dry hair can be described as being crunchy or straw like to the touch with a dull appearance.

Cleansing and conditioning hair

Favour a shampoo that is moisture enriched or oil based, something designed specifically for dry hair.  Cleanse once every 2-3 days – unless you don’t get froth – then you can cleanse twice, the reason for only cleansing once is that with naturally dry hair you want to prevent stripping the natural oils out of the hair. After cleansing the best conditioning system you could use would be to alternate a normal conditioner with a masque.

Hair treatments

Dry hair would benefit more from in-salon treatments than any other hair type; you would need a highly concentrated moisture treatment to penetrate through the coarse layers of dry hair. Getting treatments put through once every 8 weeks would be the ideal cure for dry hair.

Hot tool tips

• Use a heat protector at all times when styling hair with hot tools – blow dryers, straightening irons and tongs etc. You really need to use heat protectors on dry hair to avoid damaging or drying the hair out any further. You can finish your blow wave or straightening with an oil or moisture based cream or serum to smooth out any fly-aways.

• If using hot tools with temperature control options select a medium/high setting as dry hair is more resistant to heat tools.

Additional tips for dry hair

• If brushing dry hair try and only put the brush through a few times as it will only encourage static electricity.

• Dry hair can benefit from semi-permanent colours as they contain a lot of conditioning agents. If using bleach or permanent colours you could expect your hair to dry out a lot further than it already is.

• Try to trim hair once every 8 weeks.