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Caring for Damaged Hair

Damaged hair can be caused by a variety of different things – tension, pregnancy, physical and chemical abuse. If your hair is damaged you will have a lot of hair snapping at the ends and it may feel like a candy floss consistency. It  also will be hard to style – failing to hold curls or a shape.

Cleansing and conditioning hair

Damaged hair generally lacks protein so requires a lot of protein added back into it – it needs to be rebuilt from the inside out. Choose shampoos that are designed for breaking or chemically damaged hair and look for protein based conditioners.

Hair treatments

Again protein based treatments are essential. Consider an in-salon treatment for intensive care and longer lasting results – some can offer up to 8 weeks protection. Ongoing at home care is also crucial if you want to stem the possibility of further damage and/or breakage; daily use of protein based shampoos and/or conditioners plus bi-weekly treatment masques (especially if an in salon treatment isn’t an option) will go a long way to rebuilding damaged hair.

Hot tool tips

  • Use a heat protector at all times when styling hair with hot tools – blow dryers, straightening irons and tongs etc. This is particularly important when the hair is already damaged as it is already brittle and fragile – if possible avoid using heat tools all together.
  • If using hot tools with temperature control options select a low/ low to mid setting.

Additional tips for damaged hair

  • Try and brush/comb your hair as little as possible to avoid putting tension on the hair shaft.
  • Using a UV protectant in summer is a huge benefit for damaged hair; this will just add a layer of protection while out in the sun and wind.
  • Try to avoid using any chemical services while repairing your hair, otherwise you will undo what you have been trying to rebuild.