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Caring for Coloured Hair

Coloured hair can either appear dull or glossy. Dull colour often occurs on hair with a grey or damaged base that is going through colour fade. Glossy coloured hair usually results from hair that has been freshly coloured or when the hair is naturally healthy and holds its shine even if the colour fades out.

Cleansing and conditioning hair

Always choose a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for coloured hair – this will lengthen the life of the hair colour and ensure the product has no stripping agents in it. When colouring your hair you will need to make sure you are not using a silicone based products as they can build up on the hair leaving a residue which colour cannot break through. Avoid shampooing twice unless hair is really dirty.

Hair treatments

Colour conditioning treatments will be available at all salons. These are designed to inject moisture and protect the outer layer of the hair shaft for up to 8 washes – in this time you have prevented any colour damaging properties from affecting the colour. Colour treatments will also enhance the shine of the hair.

Hot tool tips

  • Use a heat protector at all times when styling hair with hot tools – blow dryers, straightening irons and tongs etc.
  • If using hot tools finish the style with an oil or cream to enhance colours shine.
  • If using hot tools with temperature control options select a Mid-High setting depending on hair density.

Additional tips for coloured hair

  • The average rebooking time for coloured hair will be around 6-8 weeks.
  • If you have grey hair try and use a permanent colour on the roots and a semi-permanent colour or clear coat to touch up the ends every time so you’re not continuously damaging your hair with a permanent colour. If you use this as your process you also eliminate colour build up on your ends which can make the hair look dull and lifeless.
  • Semi-permanent salon colours last just as long if not longer than permanent colours. Permanent means the colour permanently changes the hair structure – it does this by lifting out your natural colour and depositing its chosen reflect in, this means it can be quite damaging on the hair. Semi-Permanent colours don’t change your natural hair structure or colour, all they do is deposit colour and because they are not lifting out your natural colour beforehand they usually last longer as they are not fading out to a lighter colour.