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Caring for a Dry Scalp/Dandruff

Dandruff is quite easy to detect. If you have flakes of skin or white flecks through the root area of your hair and have a dry/itchy feeling scalp you more than likely have dandruff.

Cleansing and conditioning hair

When choosing a shampoo get one with exfoliating beads or one formulated for dandruff. These shampoos will remove the surface skin, this will stimulate the scalp area which in turn will help generate more natural oil helping to eliminate a dry scalp. Select a conditioner that reflects your hair type and it’s needs e.g. protein based for strengthening, moisture based for dry hair – as you will not be applying this to your root area.

Hair treatments

You can get in-salon treatments specifically designed to help eradicate excessive skin build-up and nourish the scalp. These treatments are great at de-sensitising the scalp and will leave it feeling light and decongested. You can also combine scalp and hair treatments – especially if your scalp and hair have two different issues – you would simply apply your scalp treatment to the scalp only and the hair treatment to your hair length only.

Hot tool tips

  • Use a heat protector at all times when styling hair with hot tools – blow dryers, straightening irons and tongs etc.
  • Try to avoid using too much product as it can also come off looking like dandruff when it’s over-applied and dried into the hair.
  • If using hot tools choose a temperature control option appropriate to your hair type – low settings for finer hair and high settings for thicker hair.

Additional tips

  • In summer try and wear a head scarf or cap – this will block wind and sun from reaching your scalp and drying it out.
  • Swimming in the sea is extremely helpful to people with dandruff. Salt is an excellent curing, clearing and cleansing agent and the sand grains help with scalp exfoliation.
  • Wash your hair regularly.
  • Comb your hair after you shower – this will encourage natural oil production.
  • Try not to excessively use a hairdryer; this will only encourage a dry scalp.