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Bold Feline Flick with L’Oréal Paris

Learn how to create this fashionable feline flick with L’Oréal Paris

Products needed:


  • Surgical Tape


(Click on image to enlarge)

Step 1. Start with makeup free eyes and tidy brows before applying a light concealer base to lids.

Step 2. Apply Infallible eye shadow to entire lid area from lash to brow.

Step 3. Next apply surgical tape (which doesn’t irritate skin plus peels off easily) to outer eye. The angle, width and length of your ‘flick’ will be determined by the placement of your tape – make it as long/short and/or wide/thin as you’d like.

Step 4. Now colour in your flick with the liquid eyeliner and continue along your lash line tapering your line into the inner corner of the eye.

Step 5. From inner eye corner take the line up across lid to connect with the top edge of your flick and fill everything in between.

Step 6. Carefully peel off tape, once liner has dried, then curl top lashes and apply mascara – top and bottom.

Step 7. Finish look (as seen in hero pic) by shaping and filling in brows with the Brow Artist pencil in your colour.

Tip: Using the flat side of the nib, in a pressing motion to create overlapping dashes, can help create a straighter more accurate line.

*Creative Eyes by Makeover Masters / Makeup: Lisa Matson

Eye Model: Taliah Nelson

**This is a sponsored tutorial.